Keyword Research

What is Keyword?


Basically anything you type in search engine is keyword. Any words that are used to for search terms is keyword. Words entered into search engines like  Google, Bing and other search engines for search term is keyword.

Keyword is the most important part for search engine optimization. To begin or end search engine optimization of any website there must be keyword research process compulsory.No optimization can be done without proper keyword research . With the help of keywords one can be able to rank his/her website in search engine result page and can get more traffic in their website.

keyword research

Types of keyword

  • Primary keyword:

Primary keyword is mostly used in an article which must be included in a site’s title, domain and content. It must be added in the first paragraph on the article or website. Selecting the primary keyword is the most crucial step of search engine optimization. One must select the keyword that has high volume, high CPC and high competition in order to rank the website or article in SERP and to gain more traffics.

  • Secondary keyword:

Secondary keyword must be used after the primary keyword. Use of secondary keyword increases additional visitors to the website.

  • Longtail keyword:

These keywords contain 4-5 keywords in order to match the search very closely. They have low volume, low CPC and low competition.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keyword or tertiary keyword are those keywords that are similar with primary keyword.

Purpose of keyword research-

  • Keyword research for organic search results:

Organic search identifies keywords and phrases that have a high monthly search volume and low competition. The low volumes of pages determine low competition with the same keyword in title or URL. The keywords searched must have high volume of monthly searches and low competition.

  • Keyword research for PPC search results:

Pay per click is another criteria for researching keywords.

How to do keyword research ?

Lists of free keyword research tools:

1. Soolve

It provides suggested keyword ideas from youtube, amazon, bing, google and other social sites. It helps to find untapped keywords.

2. Ubbersuggest

It immediately provides an almost unlimited list of alphabetized and numerical keyword variations of original keyword.

3. Keywords everywhere

It is freely available extension for Google Chrome of firefox. It adds search volume, CPC and competition data for all websites including eBay, Amazon, Answer the Public etc.

Pros – it is a very useful tool for researching keywords

Cons- the numbers may not be as accurate as those from paid tools.

4. Google Keyword Planner

This is online software and one must have Adwords account to access keyword planner. Keyword Planner is available in free version. It shows neat stats of monthly searches, competition level (low, medium, and high), the average cost per click and many more.

5. Word Stream’s keyword tool

This tool allows targeting certain niches, giving further suggestions.

6. Answer the public

It helps to find questions, prepositions, comparisions, alphbeticals and related searches. For eg; “protein powder without crabs”, or “protein powder for weight gain”.

7. Wordtracker Scout

It is another option of extension for Chrome. It works as a keyword density checker. Searches, competition, opportunity and other few data points are shown.

8. KWFinder

It is a long tail keyword research tool. It shows the search volume, trends, and CPC and difficulty levels in the results. KWFinder is available in both free and paid versions.

9. Keyword Tool

It also helps to find long tail keyword from Youtube, Bing, Amazon, and App store. It shows search volume, CPC, competition. Terms related to business domain and customized content can be found.

Lists of Paid tools:


In this type of keyword research tool we have to add our URL or competitor’s URL and it will show all of the related keywords. This tool makes easier to find short- tail and long-tail keywords. SEMRUSH provides traffic stats, search sngine reports, Adsense CPC and many other details.

  1. Aherfs keyword explorer tool

Aherf is one of the most popular tools. It provides super in-depth information on each keyword including keyword difficulty (like easy or difficult) or score like 89/100. It exactly tells about backlinks.

  1. Serpstat 

Serpstat analyzes the first page competition. It doesn’t specialize in keyword research. This allows viewing historical position of data. This tool provides details of search volume, competition, CPC and keyword difficulty score.

  1. LongTailPro

It is a cloud based software and one of the most popular tool. Its specialty is that it has a competition checker that makes easier to pick the right keyword.


It provides neat competitive keyword data.

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