Directory Submission

Web directory is an online list of websites that specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. It is not considered as a search engine and doesn’t display lists of web pages based on keywords. It lists websites by category and subcategory. Web directories provide links to make browser easier. Directory submission is the process of submitting websites to directory sites that classifies information and adds link to relevant category. It is the part of off-page SEO techniques.

Goals of directory submission

  • To receive inbound links from other high-ranking relevant websites.
  • To increase website visibility

Directory Submission

Types of directory submission:

  1. Free submission sites- there is no charge for the review and listing of the site. It has slow approval of the website and takes lots of time may be 1 month or more but backlinks can be built from this submission site.
  2. Paid  submission sites- One-time or recurring fee is charged for listing sites. It provides quick approval less than 24 hours.
  3. Reciprocal submission site- In this site it is necessary to add others link on your website before approval. Once it is approved others need to add your link can. This strategy has cons as SEO algorithm changes making this site less valuable.

        Steps for directory submission-

  • select proper directory that we wish to submit our link to
  • find the option to submit/ submit website/ submit your website/ add website.
  • check for both the options Free Listing and Paid Listing. Go for Free listing.
  • submit the website through the form provided.

How to do directory submission task for SEO ?

Collections for Free Directory Submission Site Lists:

600+ Free Submission Sites

250+ Free Submission Sites

100+ Free Submission Sites

250+ Free  Submission Sites

65+ Free  Submission Sites

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