What is Blog Commenting ?

blog commentingWhat is Blog Commenting ?

While using internet actually we’re daily passing out through various comments in different platforms. Sometimes we’re unaware of the things we’re passing through out. In the world of search engine optimization there is most value for blog commenting. Have you ever wondered what is blog commenting ? Today lets discuss few things regarding blog and commenting tricks.

What is blog ?

A blog is similar to a diary or journal but it is posted on internet. It can be said, as blog is an online diary or journal. Blog is an online platform where a person or group of persons can share their ideas, views and opinions towards a particular subject matter. The blog contains the contents like text, pictures, videos, GIFs, and other documents.

What is blog posting?

Blog posting is process of posting your blog in the website. It helps to get quality backlinks for ranking your website in higher position in Google. To post your blog you need to register your own domain and host create and host your blog on free platforms like WordPress, Tumblr etc.

Blog commenting is also an online platform. The blog viewers or readers can take action by leaving a comment to the related blog posts in the form of questions or appreciation. It has the interrelationship between blogs, bloggers and blog readers. Blog posting is like a fuel to a vehicle as it is the most important step for search engine optimization. It helps to fulfill these needs of SEO and they are-

  • Increase the backlinks
  • Increase the traffic of website
  • Build relationships
  • Brand recognition

How to do blog commenting

1.Reading the blog post first

In order to write meaningful and value comments we must read thorough the article. Without reading it we can’t comment on it. An experienced blogger can immediately notice whether the submitter has read or not. So reading the article is the first step in blog commenting.

2.Use appropriate comments

Comments like “thanks” or questions should be avoided as much as possible. Write the relevant comments that are related to the blog post.

3.Avoid keyword dropping

Commenting from fake ID must be avoided because that will arise the suspicion of any spam blogger.

4.Follow do-follow and no-follow links to minimize spam.

Some steps we must do and must not do

  1. Always write your full name, and email address
  2. Try to avoid using over-optimized keywords in the name section.
  3. Using a fake or invalid email address can be a huge mistake while blog commenting. Instead use real address to build trust with the targeted audience.
  4. Leave the comments in your related posts not in the non-related posts. This helps you to attract targeted traffic to your site.
  5. Writing one-phrase comments like “great post”, “thank you for uploading this post” should be neglected. Instead write the relevant comments and appreciate the bloggers.

Tricks of Blog comment

“keyword” “commentluv”


“keyword” + “blog”

add new comment + “keyword”

keyword + blog

“keyword” or “comments”


leave a comment + “Keyword”

post a comment + “keyword”

Collection of blog commenting site lists

200+ free blog commenting sites

500 free commenting sites

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