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Kripa Maharjan – SEO Specialist in Lalitpur

Hello folks, looking for a SEO Specialist in Lalitpur ? I’m available for any kind of SEO and content writing service around Lalitpur.  Here I’ve my small bio below.


Hi, I’m Kripa Maharjan. I’m from Siddhipur originally known as Thasi or Sanagaun. I am one of the SEO Specialists in Lalitpur. I have  been recently graduated from TU in MSc. Currently I’m working as a freelancer SEO specialist and content writer in Nepal. If you are searching for one you can count me on as a SEO analyst. If you’re looking for SEO expert in Lalitpur I can be your best choice for budget friendly SEO service.

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Early Life:

Kripa Maharjan Education

School life is a golden period of our life. It’s our second home where we learn many things from teachers. We learn to study, make friends and experience many emotions. I did my schooling from Kopila English School.

I joined Pinnacle Academy for my +2. Being a science student was a tough and rough job, which was completely different from what we had imagined.

After +2 I joined Pinnacle Academy for my Bachelors. After Bachelor I worked as a science teacher at a school where I learned about teaching, dealing with students and parents.

Finally joined KCMS for MSc Microbiology. Currently I am working on my thesis topic.

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While preparing for theory part of my thesis, I used Google app most frequently. Youtube and other social media apps became my favorite toys for killing my leisure time. I had this schedule for past few months.

Getting into the world of content marketing

content writing service in Nepal

A friend of mine suggested me to apply for job for content writer as she also works as a WordPress Developer. At first I didn’t want to change my field but later I decided to learn something new. So I searched for training centers and also applied for job vacancies. I thought it would be great to get trained. That’s how I joined Yala Tech Hub Pvt .Ltd, which is located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur. As a beginner, I faced many difficulties regarding SEO. With continuous effort I pushed myself to get more knowledge. I am still learning new everyday and learning was never much fun before. I’ve achieved knowledge on SEO and I believe that one day I can be one of the top SEO experts in Nepal.

SEO Specialist in Nepal

I offer SEO services to improve your ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. My service is professional and starts from the lowest price. You don’t need to hire big names and pay fortune when I can do same job and provide you better and quality results.

Get in touch with me. You can send direct message at HERE.